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Virtually Unstoppable 2020

By Board, 09/24/20, 10:15AM CDT


On Saturday, September 26th, students, families and athletic departments of the member schools of the Austin Interscholastic Parochial League are invited to virtually come together for a friendly competition showing that our athletes are VIRTUALLY UNSTOPPABLE during this Fall Season. 

Coaches, students, and their families can choose to walk, run, or bike in an effort to get outside and accumulate miles! In addition, if schools choose to participate using the Charity Miles App, miles logged will benefit their favorite charity while also trying to help their school win the virtual competition! 

The winning school will be determined based on the average number of miles each participant travels. Walking and running will count as two points per mile while biking will count as one point per mile.  Participants should send their miles to their Athletic Director by midnight on the 26th who will tabulate the average miles per participant and send the school totals to Kathy Coe, Director of Middle School Athletics at St. Stephen’s by 2 pm on the 27th. The winner will be sent to the AIPL schools by 5 pm and posted to the AIPL site.


            Jacob White        Jack Wallace

                         Dustin Armstrong      Kathy Coe      TJ  Hendricks

To Use the Charity Miles App:


In the APP STORE, choose and download the Charity Miles App.


Once you download the app, you will complete the account. One of the options you have is to choose a charity of your choice from their list. You can also choose how you want to earn your miles. The options are “Outdoor Walk”, “indoor Walk”, “Indoor Run”, “Indoor Walk”, or “Outdoor Bike”. Then, you will need to sync your iphone either to a wearable device or you can do it through the “Health” Icon on your iphone. The app will basically walk you through the set up process (no pun intended).

Someone from your school can set up a “Team” so that you can “compete” within your own school. To do this, you simply click on the icon that looks like three people at the dock on the bottom. At the top of the next screen, there will be a + NEW TEAM option. 

Once your team is set up, you can invite others to join your team. The “leaderboard” will rank individuals while the “overview” will tell you what your team is doing daily. The last column in the orange bar graph will show you how many miles your team did in a day. This will help you get your tally for Saturday, the 26th.